Standard sensor, sanitary sensor

Display, relay controller, dedicated software (common with radar type)
* With RS-232C and RS-485 communication ports.
* Controller integrated type


1.Not affected by condensation, steam, or gas

  • Self-diagnosis / automatic adjustment function
  • Automatic cleaning function
    Detects water droplets on the surface of the transducer.It automatically gives a rhythmic shock and drops it.
  • Automatic adjustment function
    When the attenuation of ultrasonic waves due to steam or dust is detected, the oscillation pulse is automatically adjusted to the optimum strength

2. Measurement is possible even in tanks with agitators and mounting near the tank wall

  • Automatic cancellation function Automatically detects unwanted echoes (fake reflected waves) from obstacles (tank walls, pipes, etc.) and it get cancel automatically(ignore), and it gets cancel automatically

3. Sanitary specifications

  • Heat resistance 130 ℃ for 30 minutes (steam sterilization is possible while attached to the tank)
  • SUS316LSUS316L transducer (IDF1.5S, 2S, ferrule mounting equivalent)
  • Compatible with pressurized liquid feed and vacuum defaming
    Withstand voltage -0.1 to 0.5MPa (measurement is -0.05 to 0.5MPa)

4. Ideal for small tanks with a short dead band

  • 10㎝:cm: mini sensor, sanitary mini sensor
  • 12cm: Standard sensor, sanitary sensor

5.Small tank can be mounted (1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch screw mounting)

6. Easy operation

  • 0~100%Easy adjustment of 0-100% level with one button (PC software is also available)
  • No detailed instruction manual or technical training required