Make is a specialized manufacturer of level meters and level switches

We respond quickly to the needs of our customers.
We are familiar with the site environment and accept custom orders from a single item.
By standardizing special material, we offer competitive price proposals with a short delivery time.

We accept everything from design, development, manufacturing, and maintenance to proposals for alternative devices.

Product features:

  1. Certified products with various explosion-proof specifications such as “explosion-proof type” and “intrinsically safe explosion-proof type.”
  2. Devices available with various operating principles, materials, and shapes
  3. We have several delivery records under challenging environments such as “high temperature,” “high pressure,” “high viscosity,” and “sanitary.”


Bubble surface sensor, Interface meter, Emulsification sensor, Sensor for drums, Entrainment stop safety switch, Special thermometer for explosion accident prevention, Charge detector, Glass lining products, Spark ignition test agency