~ Transparent tube type liquid level gauge that allows you to visually check the liquid level at a low price ~

ModleTUG Type

Main application

Continuous visual inspection of the liquid level in the tank


  • No power supply required
  • Built-in check balls in the upper and lower valves to minimize liquid leakage in the event of an unexpected accident (damage)
  • Suitable for small tanks


Operating principle:A transparent tube is attached between the upper and lower valves, and the liquid inside is visually inspected.
Wet contact material:Valve SUS304,PVC,PP
Transparent tube glass, FEP
Operating temperature:Glass maximum 150℃
PVC  maximum  50℃
Withstand voltage:Glass maximum 0.7MPa
FEP  Maximum 0.5MPa
Standard mounting dimensions:Flange JIS10K/20A,1”PTScrews etc.