~Easy to install throw-in water level gauge~

Installation image

Model MK-PL Type

Main Application

Water level measurement of distribution reservoirs, reservoirs, dams, sewage treatment plants, deep wells, shipyards, rivers, etc.


  • Installation because it is a drop-in type・Maintenance・Easy to inspect
  • accuracy(±0.2%)
  • Long life with no moving parts
  • There are lightning protection products
  • With digital indicator


Operating principle: The pressure receiving diaphragm at the tip of the detector receives the water level as liquid pressure. The pressure conversion element converts it into an electric signal and continuously indicates the water level. Uses a hollow cable to automatically correct atmospheric pressure fluctuation errors.
Wet contact material: SUS304,SUS316,SUS316L
Operating temperature: maximum50℃
maximum: maximum 1MPa
Input power supply: DC24V (2 Linear)
output: DC4~20mA (2Linear)