~Low-priced and easy-to-use bubble surface detection sensor~

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Main application

  • Detection of foam surface and interface of conductive liquid
  • Process control of food and chemical plants
  • CIP Cleaning liquid branch detection in food plants
    Installation example: A certain food manufacturer Automates liquid type identification and branch detection of water (about 9KΩ) and cleaning liquid (caustic soda 5%: about 0 Ω) flowing in the piping in the process achieve improved yield and reduced cost
  • Detection of mixing of different liquid in circulating cooling water
    Detection of leakage of mechanical seal of pump
    Detection of mixing of acid and caustic soda
    Installation example: A certain cosmetics manufacturer
    If the soap raw material is accidentally mixed in the circulating cooling water discharged into the river, the change in conductivity is detected, and an immediate warning is given.
  • Timely detection of bubbles generated from activated sludge tank and suppression scattering Improvement of yield by timely detection of bubbles in fermenters
  • Defoamer savings with timely detection of foam
    Installation example: A certain oil company / A certain paper manufacturing company The generation of bubbles in the wastewater treatment facility (pool) is detected locally. An antifoaming agent is applied only where it is needed, resulting in a significant cost reduction. At the same time, prevent complaints due to scattering


  • Low price compared to other companies’ products
  • Both liquids detect the interface with conductivity and no difference in specific gravity * When the electrical resistance value is different
  • High durability with no drive unit on the sensor
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to adjust sensitivity


Sanitary specifications:400 Equivalent to buff finish
Passivation treatment
Condensation resistant treatment
Heat resistance 150 ℃ specifications
IDF Sanitary ferrule / seat nut mounting
Operating principle:The resistance change of the conductive liquid is detected in the range of 0 to 1 MΩ (1MS), and the output relay is operated
Electrode material:SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L,Titanium, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy B
Operating temperature:-20℃~120℃
Withstand pressure:Up to1MPa
Input power supply:AC100V / 200V(±10%)50 / 60Hz
Output:Relay contacts
Standard mounting dimensions:Flange JIS5K/50A, 1 ”PT screw, IDF ferrule(1.5S, 2S)