Explosion-proof High Pressure Gas Safety Association inspection product

A wide range of variations from mass-produced economic products to specially designed products

Installation image

Model QH Type High-frequency absorption automatic correction / series resonance type (adhesion resistant type)
QS Type Ultra-sensitive, parallel resonance type (static electricity resistant type)
Explosion-proof specifications SH Type Intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure ExiaII CT5 (TIIS)
Explosion-proof structure (ATEX)

Main application

  • Liquid level, powder level
  • interface
  • Separatory funnel
  • Foam surface
  • Liquid level detection ignoring bubbles
  • Admittance type (AD Type) for highly conductive adhesion
    Carbon slurry, Seabed sediment (containing minerals)
    Sludge, Seawater (mineral adhesion)
    Metal powder slurry, semiconductor


QH, SH Type

  • Both conductive and insulating objects can be detected
  • “Automatic correction function” to avoid malfunction due to adhesion or accumulation of conductive material
  • Sensitivity can be set simply by turning the sensitivity dial.
    In addition, a wide range of measurements is possible with the detection sensitivity switch.
  • Uses nitrogen-filled relay
  • Long-life without drive
  • Φ60 small head case (SUS, aluminum)

QS Type

  • Suitable for measuring high insulation because it uses an ultra-sensitive amplifier.
  • “Separate type” for tanks installed in high places and narrow places can be adjusted on the panel side while looking at the meter mounted on the amplifier side.
  • Easy centralized management on the control panel side
  • Complete measures against fluctuations in power supply voltage
  • Strong against vibration
  • Sensitivity can be set according to the object to be measured by simply turning the SET volume


Sanitary specifications: #400 buff finish equivalent
Passivation treatment
Condensation resistant treatment
IDF sanitary ferrule / Seat / Nut mounting
Operating principle: It consists of an oscillator circuit and a detector
Since the capacitance of the object to be measured and the capacitance of air is significantly different, the capacitance change due to contact with liquid contact, and powder is converted into an electric signal to operate the relay.
Other features:
  • Insulating Ideal for detecting highly viscous liquids and insulating resin powders
  • A high degree of freedom in designing the detector.
    According to the site conditions, it is possible to manufacture detection parts such as small size, high strength, flat, and pipeline.
  • Take the high pressure gas equipment test for the product alone* Note 1
  • Explosion-proof structure with integrated amplifier (ATEX).
  • The effects of static electricity are almost negligible* Note 2
  • An operation indicator LED is attached to the sensor board, making it easy to check the operation on-site.
  • Since it is manufactured at our factory, it has a short delivery time.
Wet contact material: SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L, PVC, Heat-resistant PVC, Teflon, FRP, FEP, PFA, Titanium, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C276, Nickel, Tantalum, Ceramic, Glass lining, SS400
Operating temperature: Up to 500℃ (Possible by individual design)
Withstand pressure: Up to 25MPa (Possible by individual design)
Input power supply:
QH Type
QS Type
Integrated or
Separate type
AC105V/210V(±10%) 50/60Hz
SH Type Separate type AC100V(±10%) 50/60Hz
output: Relay contacts (AC250V / DC30V,5A),Transistor
Standard mounting dimensions: Flange JIS5K/25A, 1 ”PT screw IDF ferrule(1.5S, 2S

*Note 1:
We can also prepare only the necessary documents (strength calculation, test report, mill sheet) for the KHK examination

*Note 2:
When the tank contents are charged with static electricity, the static electricity flows from the level switch’s detection electrode to the ground electrode and from the mounting flange or mounting screw to the tank ground. If the ground line is wired, it can also be routed to the ground wire. This technique is instrumental in preventing electrostatic explosions.

Description of sensitivity

ModelAmplifier sensitivityMaximum detection capabilityObject to be measured
QSX: High sensitivity0.1pFInsulating powder, Conductive liquid
QH / SHX: High sensitivity0.5pFInsulating powder, High viscosity conductive liquid
QS / QH / SHB:Wide area sensitivity3pF~2ΩConductive liquid

Example of measurement

Electrical characteristics Low ← Conductivity → High
∞Ω ← Resistance value → 2Ω
liquid Crude oil / Heavy oil
Petroleum oil
Transformer oil
Resin concentrated solution
Silicon oil
Oil and butter
Liquid sugar
Pure water
Whipped cream
Human waste
Water-based paint
Soy milk
Makeup cream
Aqueous wax
caustic soda
Hydrochloric acid / Sulfuric acid
Lime milk
Slaked lime solution
Minced fish meat
Dehydrated cake
Livestock drainage
Powder / Granular material Resin pelletsPolyester pellets
Nylon chips
Rice / Wheat / sesame
Lime / ash / sand
Iron oxide powder
Soap powder
Metal powder
Compatible model
High ← Sensitivity → Low
QH Type
SH Type(Explosion-proof)
QS Type Measurable