Explosion-proof KHK inspection product

~Liquid level gauge with no moving parts with FEP or PFA wetted parts~

Installation image

Model QB Type
Explosion-proof specifications SB Type Intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure ExiaII BT4 (TIIS)
Explosion-proof structure (ATEX)

Main application

Wide range of measurement from powders to liquids (insulating high viscosity liquids to conductive liquids)


  • High degree of freedom in designing the detector
  • Long-life without drive
  • Electrode material and shape can be selected according to the properties of the object to be measured.
  • Measurement under vacuum conditions is possible at high temperature and high pressure
  • Wide measurement range (from 100 mm to 10 m)
  • There is a small sensor for embedding in equipment
  • There is a head-on type
  • Static electricity resistant type*Note 1
  • There is a lightning resistant type

* Note 1:
When the tank contents are charged with static electricity, the static electricity flows from the level switch’s detection electrode to the ground electrode and from the mounting flange or mounting screw to the tank ground. If the ground line can be wired, it can also be routed to the ground wire. This is very effective in preventing electrostatic explosions.


Sanitary specifications: #400 Buff finish equivalent
Passivation treatment
Operating principle: Continuously instructed by capturing changes in the relative permittivity (capacitance) that accompany changes in the level of the object to be measured
Wet contact material: SUS, FEP, PFA, PVC
Operating temperature: Up to 400℃
Withstand pressure: Up to 25MPa (by design)
Input: AC105/210V(±10%) 50/60Hz
Output: DC4~20mA
Standard mounting dimensions: Flange JIS5K/50A

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