~ Ideal for continuous detection of highly conductive liquids ~

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Main application

Seawater, sludge, acidic solution, alkaline solution


  • Continuous detection of highly conductive liquids
  • A high degree of freedom in designing the detector
  • Long-life without drive
  • Electrode material and shape can be selected according to the properties of the object to be measured.
  • Measurement under vacuum conditions is possible at high temperature and high pressure
  • 2-wire loop type DC4-20mA, DC24V


A high-frequency current is passed through the measuring solution, and the current flowing at that time is detected.

Admittance increases as the impedance decrease with the liquid level rises. This admittance change is converted into the height to indicate the level continuously.


Material: SUS304, PP, PFA
Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ 200℃
Withstand pressure: 4MPa
Input: DC:24V
Output: DC4-20mA(2-wire type)
Mounting: Flange 40A or more, screw 1 inch or more