~A level switch that detects the interface by the difference in transparency as you can see~

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Main application

  • Interface detection of sewage treatment tanks in chemical and food factories, liquid sediments in water treatment facilities, and activated sludge.
  • Interface detection of two liquids using difference in transparency
  • Detection of powder with low specific gravity at a level (0.1 or less) that cannot be detected by mechanical or electrical methods
    Example: Fine powder of plastic


  • Both liquids are conductive, with the same specific gravity, and even if the electrical resistance value is the same, the interface can be detected if there is a difference in transparency.
  • With sensitivity adjustment function
  • Easy to change the interface setting position
  • Since it uses an infrared pulse modulation method, it is not easily affected by ambient light.
  • Since the detection part is covered with FEP pipe, it has excellent chemical resistance and is not affected by deposits.
  • Cheaper than ultrasonic type level switches


Sanitary specifications:
Operating principle: The light-projecting element and the light-receiving element are installed facing each other, and changes such as light-blocking / attenuation due to an object blocking the interval are detected.
Wet contact material: SVS, PVC, FEP
Operating temperature: -10℃ ~ 60℃
Withstand pressure: Up to 0.2MPa
Input power supply: AC100V / 200V(±10%) 50 / 60Hz
Output: Relay contacts

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