~Balance type water level gauge that is resistant to water level fluctuations~

Installation image

Model DLG-B Type
Explosion-proof specifications Intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure ExiaII CT5 (TIIS)

Main application

Water level measurement of distribution reservoirs and rivers


  • Since the float and weight are measured in a balanced manner, it is particularly suitable for measuring the water level with vigorous movement.
  • The pulley is a combination of anti-slip dots and a wire rope with balls.


Operating principle: The pulley of the gear head balances the float and weight floating in the liquid.
The pulley rotates due to fluctuations in the liquid level without using a power supply, and the liquid level is continuously instructed on-site via gears.
Wet contact material: SUS304
Operating temperature: At normal temperature
Withstand pressure: Atmospheric pressure
Power supply: AC100V / 200V(±10%)50 / 60Hz
output: DC4~20mA (connected to the power amplifier made by Make)