Explosion-proof High-pressure gas safety association inspection product

~Inexpensive float type on-site indicator / dial type~

Installation image

Model DLG Type
Explosion-proof specifications Intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure ExiaII CT5

Main application

On-site and remote inspections for the height of dangerous liquids such as acid/alkaline liquids, raw material liquids, and solvents in the tank.


  • You can clearly see the liquid height and capacity in the tank with a field indicator without using a power supply.
  • Using DC power supply / AC power supply, remote instruction is possible by electric signal output of DC4 to 20mA.
  • High-precision float type
  • Suitable for dangerous (flammable / acidic) liquids because it can seal the inside and outside of the tank.
  • Indicator can be mounted on either the tank top or the tank side
  • Highly safe and durable in terms of disaster prevention, and has excellent pressure resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance, and weather resistance.
  • Waterproof structure
  • Ideal for dangerous goods tanks under the Fire Service Act.
  • Compatible with small tanks (height 500 mm or less)
  • Waterproof case (can also be used in underground tanks that may be submerged)


Operating principle: When the float floats on the liquid in the tank, it balances with the spring inside the gear head and continuously indicates the liquid level on-site without using a power supply.
Wet contact material: SUS304, SUS316, PVC, PTFE, FRP
Operating temperature: Up to 120℃
Withstand pressure: Up to 3MPa
Input power supply: AC100V / 200V(±10%)50/60Hz, DC24V (2-wire type)
Output: DC4-20mA
Standard mounting dimensions: JIS5K / 40A, 10K / 40A Flange