~Sanitary specification low-priced electrode type level switch~

ModelEL-S Type 

Main application

  • Water level control and foam level detection in sanitary plants
    Food filling machines
    Food sterilizers
    Food cushion tanks


  • Low price compared to other companies’ products
  • High durability
  • CIP cleaning * Compatible * Chemical cleaning method in food factories. Clean-in-place.
  • Compatible with 130 ℃ steam sterilization
  • Measures against steam and condensation
  • Multi-point detection is possible (standard 3 points, maximum of 6 points)
  • The drip-proof terminal box (SUS304) can be washed with hot water, steam, and chemicals
  • Not affected by suspended matter using a coating of the electrode rod with an insulating tube or Teflon
  • Withstand pressure 0.3MPa with O-ring seal (Viton, EPDM)


Sanitary specifications: Equivalent to ♯400 buff finish
Passivation treatment
SUS Case material
SUS / Teflon Electrode holder
O-ring seal (Viton, EPDM) * With test report
Operating principle: The liquid level is detected by the presence or absence of energization of a minute current between the electrodes.
Electrode material:SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L(Coating material: PTFE)
Operating temperature:Maximum 100℃ *Supports steam sterilization
Withstand pressure:Maximum 0.3MPa (PTFE holder)
Maximum 0.5MPa (SUS holder)
Standard mounting dimensions:IDF Ferrule (2S, 2.5S)