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Main application

  • Continuous detection of viscosity increase (end point) of chemical reaction (condensation / polymerization)
  • Adjustment of slurry concentration
  • Viscosity adjustment in the food factory circulation line, Continuous monitoring of viscosity in the product quality control process


  • Two lateral vibration type
  • Output of viscosity change in real-time DC4~20mA
  • Intrinsically safe structure
  • KHK inspection product correspondence
  • Supports sanitary specifications
  • Ideal for measuring viscoelastic fluids and liquids containing bubbles
  • High reproducibility and durability
  • Durable structure
  • Suitable for measuring low viscosity and high viscosity fluids
  • Can be attached to the tank top plate up to 5 m
  • Short delivery time, full maintenance support


TemperatureStandard specifications: Room temperature to 100 ° C (heat resistant specifications Max. 250 ° C)
PressureFV~1MPa (Static pressure) ※Withstand pressure design is possible up to 1.5MPa
Viscosity rangeMinimum 0-5mPa ・ s Maximum 0-1,000,000mPa ・ s
MaterialSUS304, SUS316, Hastelloy C
Surface treatmentTeflon lining, Electropolishing
MountingScrews, flanges, ferrules (sanitary specifications)