~Micro switch type with selectable ab contacts~

Installation image

ModelQFA Type Cable float type

Main application

  • Sites where you want to detect the liquid level at low costs, such as water, water supply and drainage, sewage, and urine treatment plants

When there is flow or waviness, deep tanks or pits (cable length = maximum 20 m) * We have a track record of cable length up to 100 m.


  • Low price
  • Can detect liquids with high viscosity and many suspended matter
  • Uses an excellent micro switch. It has a larger contact capacity than the reed switch type and is resistant to shocks.
  • It is easy to set the detection point and respond to the site. ab contact can be selected with standard product
  • Multi-point detection is possible (standard 4 points, more points are also possible)


Sanitary specifications:– –
Operating principle:As the liquid level rises, the float rises and reverses, and the built-in micro switch operates to detect the liquid level.
Wet contact material:Float ABS, PP, PVC, SUS304
Cable neoprene, Silicon
Operating temperature:Resin up to 50℃
SUS up to 170℃
Withstand pressure:Up to 0.2MPa
Standard mounting dimensions:Flange JIS10K / 100A, G2 screws