Explosion proof High-pressure gas safety association inspection product

~Explosion-proof, sanitary specification, self-holding type, and low cost~

Installation image

ModelFLS Type Reed switch type
Explosion-proof specificationsFLS-d Type Intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure ExiaⅡCT5 (TIIS)
Explosion-proof structured d2G4 (TIIS, ATEX)

Main application

  • Liquid level detection / control (excluding liquids with high viscosity and growth of adhesion)


  • Liquid level detection is possible at low cost, and maintenance and inspection are easy.
  • Multiple points can be detected with one unit (up to 7 points)
    Self-holding reed switch can detect more than 10 points
  • Uses a highly durable and safe reed switch
  • Non-flammable due to the inclusion of inert gas
  • The detection position and ON / OFF signal can be changed on-site.
  • Simultaneous measurement of liquid level and temperature is possible
  • Almost unaffected by pressure, temperature, bubbles, specific gravity, and gas. (Can also be used for pressure tanks and vacuum tanks)
  • Material and structure can be selected according to the properties of the measuring solution and usage conditions
  • Corrosion resistant
  • There is a mini float for small tanks
  • Can be mounted horizontally
  • High-pressure gas equipment test for the product alone
    ※1 Only the necessary documents (strength calculation, test report, mill sheet)
    for the KHK test are available.


Sanitary specifications: # 400 Equivalent to buff finish
Passivation treatment
Condensation resistant treatment
Heat resistance 150 ℃ specifications
IDF sanitary ferrule / seat nut mounting
Operating principle:As the float moves up and down, the magnet inside the float activates the reed switch inside the stem to detect the liquid level.
Wet contact material:Standard SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L Corrosion resistant PVC, CPVC, PP, Teflon, FRP, titanium, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy B
Operating temperature:
SUS Standard specifications: Maximum 100℃,
Heat resistant specifications: Maximum 130℃ *Supports steam sterilization
PVC Maximum 50℃
Withstand pressureMaximum 0.2MPa (PVC holder)
Maximum 0.5MPa (SUS holder)
Standard mounting dimentions:Flange JIS5K / 50A, 2 ”PT screw, IDF2S ferrule