Explosion proof High-pressure gas safety association inspection product

~Explosion-proof and waterproof float type level meter with DC4-20mA output~

Installation image

Model FLC Type reed switch type, resistance type
Explosion-proof specifications FLC-d Type Intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure Exia Ⅱ CT5 (TIIS)
 Explosion-proof structure (ATEX)

Main application

Continuous liquid level detection and control in the tank. (Excluding liquids with high viscosity and growth of adhesion)


  • Almost unaffected by pressure, temperature, bubbles, and specific gravity
  • Material and structure can be selected according to the properties of the object to be measured and the surrounding conditions.
  • Since the output signal of DC4 to 20mA is standard equipment, the alarm point can be set and adjusted arbitrarily.
  • Uses a limiter circuit to protect the indicator and external signals
  • There are also 5 mm and 2.5 mm reed switch pitches for short measurement lengths.
    (Standard 10 mm pitch)
  • Easy to troubleshoot shoot. (Since the total resistance inherent in the sensor can be compared with the combined resistance formed at the operating position, the cause can be easily investigated, and recovery can be performed quickly.)
  • Intrinsic safety and waterproof structure
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Waterproof case (can also be used in underground tanks that may be submerged)


Sanitary specifications: #400 Buff finish equivalent
Passivation treatment
Condensation resistant treatment
IDF sanitary ferrule / seat nut mounting
Operating principle: As the float moves up and down, the magnet inside the float activates (ON) the reed switch. The liquid level is continuously instructed by catching the voltage change accompanying this.
Wet contact material: Standard  SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L
Corrosion resistant specifications PVC, PP, Teflon, FRP, Titanium, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy B
Operating temperature: SUS   up to 150℃
PVC   up to 50℃
Withstand pressure: SUS   up to 3MPa
PVC   up to 0.2MPa
Input power supply: AC100V / 200V(±10%)50 / 60Hz, DC24V (2-wire type)
Output: DC4-20mA
Standard mounting dimensions: Flange JIS5K / 40A, IDF2S Ferrule